Don’t Look to Superstitions but Christ

From the sermon, "Completely the Work of Christ", from John 5:1-17

Like this man, we must come to Jesus Christ without any means. Without resources, without wealth, without strength, without human possibilities. Those things will get us no further than they got this man for 38 years. Don’t waste your life as this man did for so long. Do not waste another day. Do not look to the pool, to the superstitions and vain magic of this world, but look into the eyes of the one who is able to do for you what you cannot do for yourself.

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Biblical Theology Course


Instructor: Dr. Mark Jones, Faith Vancouver Presbyterian, co-author of A Puritan Theology
Tuition fee: $75 (includes all course materials)
Dates: Thurs-Fri July 4-5 7:30-9:30pm, Sat July 6 9:00-3:30pm, Thurs-Fri July 11-12 7:00-9:30pm

Dr.Mark Jones will guide us on a breathtaking tour to discover the trajectory of Redemption History, starting in Genesis through the Old Testament prophets and the Gospels, all culminating in Revelation. This course will highlight "The Beauty of the King"- Jesus Christ- as revealed in each book of the Old and New Testaments. Textbook (included with tuition) is "The Beauty of the King" by Tom Schreiner.

More information at Willingdon School of the Bible

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Love the Church

From a Letter to Men on love for the church:

In fact, this love for the church ought to be higher than our love for our wives. Yes, you heard that right. We, as Christian men, are to love the church of God more than our wives. In fact, it is only when we properly grasp that our “home-work” of loving our wives is “church-work” that will bear fruit eternally that we are able to carry out Christ’s commands properly. If this sounds strange, it is because we far too often dichotomize “church” and “home” life in unbiblical ways.

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Advanced Creation Apologetics Course

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To Lose is to Gain!

From Pastor Paul’s Letter to New Converts, reflecting on Zephaniah 3:9, I become more myself as I become more like Christ. My identity is clearer the more I am united to Him. Incorporation into Christ is no loss, it is all gain, even to my uniqueness as a person!  

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