Our main (English) church gathering is on Sundays at 10:30am. You are invited to join us whether you are a believer or not, whether you’re wearing a suit or t-shirt and jeans, whether you’re young or old, whether you were born in Canada or abroad. Click here for information about our Laotian/English gathering.

What We Do When We Meet: Because all Christians have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, we are all led by His Holy Spirit and are commanded to participate when we gather to worship. This means that church gatherings are quite different from spectator-oriented gatherings like concerts or sport events. At different times during the service we pray together, sing together and read scripture together. If you are comfortable, we encourage you to participate as well. In our time of group prayer, feel free to join a group (someone may very well ask you!) and tell the others that you want to just listen. Or share a prayer request with the group so they can pray for you.

Another important part of our gathering is to hear the Word of God spoken through the preacher. As created beings we are dependant upon our Creator God to lead us and teach us and he does this by speaking to us through the Bible. We believe that true blessing and pleasure come from our submission to God’s Word and rightly ordering our lives according to it.

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