Youth ministry at New West Community Church is meant to augment family and church ministry- not to replace it. We want to encourage our young people to learn to worship, serve and grow in faith in adult ways. Listed below are some of our regular (and irrulgar) youth-specific ministries and initiatives:

Youth Events
Approximately once a month, the youth (ages 12 to 20) get together for a fun event like Lazer Tag, Bowling, Survivor etc. We’ll often get together with other groups for events as well. Make certain to bring your Bible and friends. For more information email Pastor Paul at

Sunday School
Sunday mornings our youth meet for Sunday School at the start of the service. They come back to the service before the sermon starts so that they can learn how to listen to and apply the Word of God preached.

How To Listen To A Sermon
We’ve recently started a four-week initiative to teach our young people how to do that. They have chosen an adult to sit beside and learn from. The youth and adult are responsible over a four week period to discuss and answer a series of questions that relate to the role of the listener/worshipper in the preaching of God’s word.

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