May 10 2020 Online Service

Welcome to the resource page for our Sunday service May 10, 2020. Click below to go to our Youtube Live stream which will be live at 10:20 with service start at 10:30am. 

The Laodicean Dichotomy

Rev 3:14-22

Questions for Children (or anyone else)

Revelation 3:14-22
The Laodicean Dichotomy
May 10 2020

Click here for: Revelation 3 Printable Worksheet

What is revealed here about the church in Laodicea?

The Workshop

BODY The Workshop is our adult discipleship program which takes place Sunday mornings from 9 to 10am in the church basement. We run three semesters throughout the year: fall, winter, and spring, and have a summer missions project. We offer an Early Discipleship certificate and a 2 and 3 year certificate for those who complete 80% attendance and memorization work.…