A Heritage from the Lord
A Heritage from the Lord
Trusting the Lord for great fruitfulness

Children’s Ministries at NWCC

Our children’s ministries at NWCC are not meant to replace, but to augment the ministry and authority parents have to bring their children up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord (Eph 6:4). Our ministry model of “Speak the Word” begins in the home with a strong emphasis on family worship and day-to-day discipleship. Children’s ministries include Awana, our Answers Sunday School, and Summer DVBS.

While our children have to choose for themselves who they will serve, we strongly believe and teach the many promises from God that He will save and establish our children.


Answers Sunday School

Answers Sunday School


On Scheduled Break

10:50 Sunday mornings

Various classrooms

Answers Bible Curriculum is a 4-year curriculum for Sunday School designed for discipleship and apologetics. Our Sunday School provides classes for ages 4-10.