Family Worship
Family Worship
But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD

Speaking the Word in the Home

God’s desire for marriage and family is “godly offspring” (Mal 2:15). From the original mandate given to creation onward (Gen 1:28), we are to expand God’s kingdom by bearing children and training them into mature disciples. The new covenant in Christ grants power to accomplish this, but like all of God’s promises, they must be lived out in the Spirit’s strength (Isa 59:21). We want to arm you with resources to accomplish this kingdom-expanding task.

Family Worship Resource List

Find a comprehensive collection of resources in different mediums and formats.
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Sermon: The Wealth of Living Treasure

On the rewards and responsibilities of having children
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Sermon: Blessing through the Lord's Instruction

On nourishing ourselves with the Word of God
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Sermon: The Restoration of the Family of God

On the message of repentance and faith, and practical gospel-disciplines in our homes
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Revised Heidelberg Catechism

A slightly edited and revised version that can be used with children or with adults to teach the basics of the faith.
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